Bad blogger! Bad!

I have not been a good blogger. Here’s my fiction update.

Writing is like erosion. It takes a really long time before it looks like you’ve made any progress. Two weeks ago, I finished a second-draft on the first third of my work-in-progress so I could set that aside and do the fifth (or is it sixth?) draft on my completed crime novel “Last Words.” I need to hand off the manuscript to agent Dawn Dowdle by July 1. Last week, I worked in the critiques and edits from my teacher and fellow students at Crime Fiction Academy—all great suggestions from the past five weeks for improving the first 15 pages

This week, I began my own edit, that is, erosion.

I need to do 300 pages by July 1, so this is going to be the more sudden, violent, landslide sort of erosion.

2 Responses to “Bad blogger! Bad!”

  1. Charlie

    I eagerly await the finely sifted words that have settled out in the delta of the Blue Ridge Literary Agency. Any latest words on “Last Words?” : ) I know, I know, I’m like a Highlander character.

  2. rich

    Dawn Dowdle at Blue Ridge should start pitching “Last Words” to publishers later this month.


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