From the police blotter, strong-armed edition

I’ve been celebrating a winter festival of police blotter entries from Skagway, Alaska, in the great book “The Best of Skagway, Alaska” published by the Skagway News. With hints of spring around, I’m returning to reports from today’s blotters around the nation. “Two men were arrested for a strong armed robbery incident.” —San Jose Mercury […]

Forty years ago today: NYPD morale crashing

Forty years ago today: The NYPD is more than ever beset by internal dissension following two years of budget and personnel cuts, says the New York Times. Morale, job performance and absenteeism are worsening and spreading to the higher ranks. –Brought to you by LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, set in 1977, coming Oct. 1.

Cover reveal for the next Coleridge Taylor Mystery

Here they are, the title and cover of Coleridge Taylor Mystery book 4. Out Oct. 1. No spoilers…but LIGHTS OUT SUMMER is set during six months in 1977 when two major crime stories dominated the front pages of New York’s papers. Son of Sam was halfway through his yearlong killing spree. And the 25-hour blackout in […]

From the police blotter, Alaska edition

“A caller reported two groups of kids throwing snowballs at his house. The youths were advised to watch where they throw them from now on.” –December 12, 1992, from “Best of The Skagway, Alaska, Police Blotter” published by the Skagway News.

Forty years ago today…

Frederick Cowan, who idolized Adolph Hitler, opened fire inside Neptune Moving in New Rochelle, killing five people and wounding five others with a semi-automatic rifle. –Brought to you by LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, set in 1977, coming this October.

Forty years ago today…

Carmen Romano Lopez Portillo, wife of the President of Mexico, concluded a White House state dinner honoring the visit of her husband to the U.S. by playing a piano piece. –Brought to you by LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, set in 1977, coming this October.

Them, Robots

Morgan is a great airplane movie. I had no plans to see it when it came out. My expectations were set quite low on a flight last week. It jumped that low bar and gave me some things to think about. Before the thinking, the movie: things are going mighty wrong in the effort to create […]

Ursula gets noticed

Within the past two weeks, The New Yorker and The Nation have published long features on Ursula K. Le Guin. They’re following the New York Times back in the summer. One wonders why the house organs of the chattering classes picked now. She’s 87, after all. She’s been published since the early sixties. It may be […]