Translating school administrator into English

Pelham parents rushing into a short Thanksgiving week were probably a bit bewildered when they received an email blast from school Superintendent Dennis Lauro. I mean we all like to get messages on “continuous improvement,”that was the superintendent’s theme, but I’m sure the timing must have left people scratching their heads–running from store to school […]

Khan Academy is big business

Khan Academy, the best online math site around, got the New York Times treatment this week as the big feature on the front of Business Day. Not sure why it ran in business, except the free site operated as a non-profit should send the mega-education publishers like Pearson running for the hills screaming: “Where’s my […]

Visiting a newspaper press

Newspaper printing presses are big-machine loud and inky-greasy dirty. Up close, they look like steam-punk contraptions out of an earlier industrial age. And for me, when I first saw one, magic made out of metal. I’d like to say my reaction stemmed from something philosophical, say based on the realization of the role a free […]

Out of the mouths of techno-babes

The best detail in the New York Times front page story on how Larry Page is remaking Google is this one: He does not much like e-mail either — even his own Gmail — saying the tedious back-and-forth takes too long to solve problems. via Google’s Chief Works to Trim a Bloated Ship – […]

Fun with journalism

I began my adventure in teaching online newspapering to fourth and fifth grade kids back in January at Pelham’s Colonial Elementary School and added the second, Hutchinson Elementary School, last month. I’m having more fun in journalism than I’ve had in 2o years. You see, being the jaded journalist is a bit of pose. How […]

Progress on math

When I wrote a column on Pelham’s elementary math curriculum seven weeks ago, I did so with some trepidation. I wasn’t afraid of controversy or outrage. Hardly. I felt the greatest of all writer anxieties: I’d be ignored. The words “math” and “curriculum” in the headline? Instant turn-offs, right? Time to start reading the police […]

Superman vs Rupert Murdoch

I’m still reading DC Comic’s No. 1s. In the first “Superman” in the restarted series, Clark Kent is furious the Daily Planet has been bought by mogul Morgan Edge, owner of the Globe and all sorts of nasty TV and Internet news outlets. Here’s what’s in the speech bubble over Clark’s head as he argues […]

Traveling to play soccer

In George Vecsey’s profile of US national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann: He “has brought in two young German players with American fathers, Danny Williams and Tim Chandler, who demonstrate more skill and aggression and feel for the game than almost anybody coming out of the expensive suburban soccer programs all over this rich vast […]

The theater of the mind

In a hotel near Newark airport, set between railroad tracks and spaghetti-piles of New Jersey highway, the Friends of Old-Time Radio will sit in meeting rooms for the last time this weekend, asking and answering the question, “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” The friends will no longer meet after their […]

Steve Jobs and me

Steve Jobs changed my life. I know, I know. You’ve already heard it and from every other journalist on the planet. An entire issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek turned into instant biography. The cover of the Economist. Articles in the New York Times showing up two Sundays after the man’s death. People and the Poughkeepsie Journal. I […]