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Forty years ago today: Close Rikers as long-term jail

The Rikers Island jail, formally known as the Men’s House of Detention on Rikers Island, was branded “outmoded and inappropriate” by the Board of Correction, which advised phasing the jail out as a long-term detention facility. The board’s chairman said a phase-out would be “a matter of paramount importance” in the months ahead.
–Brought to you by Lights Out Summer, set in 1977, coming Oct. 1.

Source: New York Times

Forty years ago yesterday: President Carter wants end to Electoral College

President Carter called on Congress to amend the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College, substituting simple majority of the popular vote to elect the President. In an election reform message to Capitol Hill, he also proposed a massive relaxation of state laws restricting voter registration.
–Brought to you by Lights Out Summer, set in 1977, coming Oct. 1.
Source: New York Times

Bloody Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is golden age, but is she cozy or bloody–hard boiled even? Okay, maybe not hard boiled, but according to a WSJ front page article, Christie staged “some of the world’s grimmest homicides” on paper that were then made bloodless for the screen. New TV productions commissioned by her estate bring back bloody Agatha.

The estate has its  motive (in this crime, if you’re a cozy fan). By 2013, it had adapted nearly every Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot detective novel. “We were kind of staring down the barrel of ‘What do we do now?'”  James Prichard, Christie’s great grandson and chairman of the estate, told WSJ.

This should set off some serious debate (hide the knitting needles and kittens) at Malice Domestic.

Forty years ago today: One shooter uses .44-caliber revolver in 3 attacks

NYC Police Commissioner Michael Codd held a formal press conference at 1 Police Plaza to announce a .44-caliber handgun, a Charter Arms Bulldog revolver, had been used in the murders of Donna Lauria in July and Virginia Voskerichian two days ago (March 8). Codd linked the weapon to at least three separate incidents in the Bronx and Queens that had, for the past five months, been treated as separate crimes. One man was the shooter in all, a .44-Caliber Killer.
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Forty years ago today: Columbia junior gunned down walking home in Queens

Virginia Voskerichian, a junior at Barnard College, was shot in the face and killed while walking home in Forest Hills Gardens, Queens. She’d raised her textbooks to her face to try to protect herself. Over the next two days, ballistics would link her murder to the killings of two other women dating back to July 1976. The gun was a Charter Arms Bulldog .44-caliber pistol.
–Brought to you by LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, set in 1977, coming Oct. 1.

From the police blotter: Ranting over WiFi

America, as reported on the nation’s police blotters:
“Received a report of a subject on the 400 block of Jersey Avenue on a bicycle ranting on a cell phone. Patrol spoke with subject, who stated they were having WiFi issues.”
North Country This Week, Potsdam, N.Y.

Forty years ago today: 4 Watergate burglars collect settlement from Nixon campaign

Forty years ago today, Four of the men arrested for the break-in at the Watergate agreed to a $200,000 out-of-court settlement to be paid by former President Nixon’s campaign fund. The men, members of the anti-Castro community in Miami, had charged in a suit they were conned into believing the burglary was sanctioned by the CIA or some other government agency.
–Brought to you by LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, set in 1977, coming Oct. 1.

Cover reveal for the next Coleridge Taylor Mystery

Here they are, the title and cover of Coleridge Taylor Mystery book 4. Out Oct. 1.

No spoilers…but LIGHTS OUT SUMMER is set during six months in 1977 when two major crime stories dominated the front pages of New York’s papers. Son of Sam was halfway through his yearlong killing spree. And the 25-hour blackout in mid-July resulted in 1,000 businesses damaged or destroyed and more than 3,000 arrested.