The Academy of Crime (Fiction)

I’ve been accepted into the Crime Fiction Academy, a new program offered by The Center for Fiction in New York. The Center, founded as the Mercantile Library in 1820, is one of those great little institutions in New York unknown to many, and has a history worth an entire post of its own.

Elmore Leonard, Harlan Coben, Lee Child, Laura Lippman and Dennis Lehane will teach master classes at the CFA, and Jonathan Santlofer, SJ Rozan and Thomas H. Cook will run 12-student writing workshops. There’s also a monthly seminar on published crime fiction.

During the course, I plan to workshop LAST WORDS, the historical mystery I’ll be readying for editor submissions with my new agent Dawn Dowdle over the next few months. The timing was pretty amazing. I heard I’d gotten into the CFA just two days after Dawn agreed to represent LAST WORDS.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

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  1. Karla Stover

    Well, that’s swell. The competition is so keen its good so see people forging ahead. I joined the Mystery Writers of America but more than anything, I think, is marketing ourselves. That’s a tough one. Karla

  2. rich

    Thanks Karla… Can you join Mystery Writers of America before you’re published (I know, I should know that already)? And I agree on marketing. I don’t blog or post enough, but I’m working on it.


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