Timers, the blurb

Below is the pitch for my work-in-progress, a YA science fiction adventure that Dawn Dowdle of Blue Ridge Literary Agency has just agreed to represent. In January, she signed to handle my historical mystery LAST WORDS.

TIMERS: Samuel Tripp’s Adventures Across Time with Rip Van Winkle, the Connecticut Yankee and Ebenezer Scrooge (oh, and he saves all of history)

SAMUEL TRIPP is lost in space and will soon be lost in time. His con-man father moves the family every four months to chase a new get-rich scheme. This leaves Sam without friends and tired of trying to make them in every new school. His life is upended when RIP VAN WINKLE appears in the Tripp’s garage and tells Sam that they both are members of a legion of time travelers known as the Timers.

Moments later, a monstrous Clocker attacks Sam and Rip. Clockers kill Timers to get their power. But the Clockers now want Sam more than any other because of the Timers watch his dead mother passed on to him. They will use it to punch a whole into another universe so they can hunt down more Timers. The downside: They will also destroy Sam’s reality. Sam races across time to save his kidnapped little brother JAMIE, lost girlfriend EMMA CORRS and all of history. He is joined in the fight by two more first Timers: HANK MORGAN, known to most as the Connecticut Yankee, and EBENEZER SCROOGE. Also helping, and confusing Sam about his feelings for Emma, is MACKENZIE MAGUIRE, a girl he’s just met at his new high school. Sam must travel a long way, deep into the past and forward to the far future, to find the home he’s never had.


6 Responses to “Timers, the blurb”

  1. scott

    This looks better and better. I never got the conman theme. The book trailer will be amazing.

  2. rich

    The conman is newish… I wanted the family to be constantly moving around.

  3. charlie

    I like it, I like it. And better yet, I think it’s right up Shane’s (my son) alley. Congrats on the second take from Blue Ridge too!

  4. rich

    Charlie: That it is right up Shane’s alley is the best possible thing I could hear.

  5. me!

    I remember when you read a preview to us 2 years ago!

  6. rich

    You’ve got a great memory “me!” I’m just finishing the novel and should be turning the completed manuscript over to my agent in the next two to three months. She will then work on finding a publisher for it.


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