Forty years ago today: Easter egg hunt becomes chocolate riot

Children wept, parents shouted and a park official threatened to call the thing off when kids and parents turned an Easter egg hunt in Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, Queens, into chaos. Barricades, bullhorns and police officers didn’t stop the charging children clawing after chocolate eggs. The hunt lasted three minutes, after which the 360 pounds of […]

Forty years ago today: Indictment in $50 million heroin operation

Thirty people were indicted in a $50-million-a-year operation distributing heroin in Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. One of those indicted, Frank Lucas, was accused of running the operation from jail, where he was serving 70 years. Lucas was said to have considered a plan to murder his chief competitor in Harlem, Leroy (Nicky) Barnes. Meanwhile, three […]